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Who we are?


At HE SHUAI INDUSTRIAL CERAMICS, or simply “HS,” we pride ourselves on over 9 years of excellence in delivering top-tier piezoelectric ceramic, alumina ceramic, and zirconia ceramic solutions. With a dedicated team of 30-50 employees and 45-70 workers, we have firmly established ourselves as a trusted Chinese company in the field.

Industrial ceramics stand as another cornerstone of our product offerings at HE SHUAI INDUSTRIAL CERAMICS. With a focus on alumina ceramics and zirconia ceramic products, our diverse portfolio caters to a multitude of industrial applications.

Our range encompasses a variety of products meticulously crafted to meet the unique demands of different industries. From precision components to robust structural elements, our industrial ceramics deliver exceptional performance and reliability.

What we have ?


Alumina ceramic

Come to us for custom alumina ceramic and we’ll tell you all about it!

Zirconia ceramic

Come to us for custom zirconia ceramic and we’ll tell you all about it!

Custom Products

Personalized services and fast delivery times

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About us

The people you’re about to meet are awesome. They’re the kind of people you want working on your team. Here have 5 people working with 10 years on piezoelectric ceramic industry.We do believe that we can give you professional product and service.

Sales team

Our sales team is able to reply customer’s requirements and inquiry in 3-5 hours on working time and in24 /7/365. The fast way is by Email or Weichat.

Product Warranty

For sure, quality is our first priority.We are here to provide you with reliable products. like: piezoelectric ceramic , alumina ceramic and zirconia ceramic industry is approved by ROHS, C/O certificates.

Product Warranty

12 months warranty from date of delivery. During which accessories can be replaced and repaired for Free. Any other problems will be handled in one day and solution will be provided in one week.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it usually take for me to receive the custom-made product?

Depends on the order whether you want to do customization, It’s about 20-25 days for production time. 5-7 working days by air express, 30-35 days by sea.

Can I come to China for a factory inspection?

Of course, You’re more than welcome. You can come in person or hire a third-party organization to inspect our factory.

Are you a manufacturing or a trading company or industry and trade?

We have owned the joint-stock manufacturer, Also have the trading brand “ HE SHUAI” The Sales Office is in Shenzhen City near by Hongkong. So, we can offer a good price with good service for you.

Any benefits for your products from China?

Frankly speaking, China has a much better industry chain. You may know, There may be manufacturers in the USA, Germany, Japan...etc. But HE SHUAI company can guarantee that our price can be more competitive with the same quality, Offer fast responses with good services.

What are your payment terms?

T/T, Western Union, Paypal…etc. Both are ok.

How do I know your product quality?

Before shipment, Our QC department will check the quality of every order. Also, offering the testing report for piezo ceramic if you need it. And we can show you some of the pictures, and testing details. Here we have more than 5000 connections clients, you will see the quality feedback too.

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